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FireBeat est une plateforme faite pour la communauté et crée avec le coeur
FireBeat's history
The story
From an idea that came in my mind in december 2017, after finding some incredible content on soundcloud that had no visibility.
My goal was simple : Create a website that would help to get more attention and provide quality tools to reach this goal.
At first FireBeat was only a platform where you could upload, share, like and comment tracks.
The selling part came in a second time as a result of user requests. Now it has almost all the features you need to showcase and sell your tracks / beats / kits / services online.
As I'm in love with what I'm doing, I'll never stop improving this application to give you the best platform.
Florian Pascouau
The team
Florian Pascouau
Founder, Developer
Who am I ?
I'm 28 years old, living in Strasbourg, France.
After studying and working in civil engineering I decided to quit and learn how to code to create this beautiful baby.
I'm now working for at the same time.